It is freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1


This is me standing firm, for me, and for you.

Photo by Aida L on Unsplash

I left the new age movement in May, and ran into the hands of Christ. Literally. It happened after a two-week mental breakdown. I found myself questioning who I was and what I believed about the world.

Our beliefs are taught. Whether from people, books, or school–what we claim to know about life is mostly a result of primary and secondary teachings. However, that sometimes leaves us without any room to seek answers on our own.

We become sheep. Mercilessly going through life, in a trance. Never being told to “find truth” or to “seek more”. Instead we are told this is white, this is black, and opposition is disrespectful.

Then you are left with people like me, who gets fed up of rigid religious education and decides to seek answers on their own. With a smidge of exhilaration and a ton of pride, I walked away from Catholicism (taught in schools), Islam (taught by my Dad), and Christianity (taught by Mom), and jumped into the realm of spiritualism. The New Age Movement in particular.

For those that don’t know, the new age movement includes beliefs in reincarnation, astrology, psychics and the existence of spiritual energy in physical objects like mountains and trees.

At first glance, it seems harmless– just a bunch of tree-hugging-hippies soaking in some prana, connecting with crystals, and being all about “love” and “light”.

But be sure of this:

The New Age Movement is absolutely demonic and dangerous.

If you are currently practicing new age rituals and beliefs, then you might think I’m full of it. In fact, you might feel offended and want to unsubscribe. If you’d like, go ahead. But I am going to be very blunt here, in hopes that it will open someone’s eyes and set them FREE.

My Experience In the New Age

You see that image up there? Looks peaceful right? Looks like the beginning of a nice meditation session right?


It’s straight up deceit. A lot of people, me included, fall into the new age because they are deceived. For me it started in my first year of university. My best friend and I just finished exploring the AGO arts museum in Toronto, and walked into the gift shop. They had this beautiful set up on geology and the “power of stones”. My best friend picked up a rose quartz stone and told me about the amazing love energies it holds.

At the time, I was vulnerable. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years and was heartbroken. On any other day, I probably wouldn’t have bought one.

But the Devil knew that I was vulnerable when it came to love, in fact he knew that I would jump onto any love opportunity that presented itself. I didn’t have a strong foundation in Christ at that point and was easily misled–the perfect equation.

I bought the gorgeous pink stone and clutched it with all my might. I believed that stone would heal me from my heartbreak and it did.

One thing about the new age movement:

It works.

If you want money, and do a ritual, most of times you got it. You want a new job and “speak it into the universe”, boom, you got it. You want to meet “the right one”, and write a list of exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll meet him.

But just like making a deal with the Devil, it comes with a price: slavery.

I became a slave to the new age.

One crystal turned into 26 new ones, 21 books on rituals, multiple herbs for magic, loads of incense, and one singing bowl.

For those that don’t know, those are the signs of a full blown practicing wicca witch. I would receive a new stone or book, or meditation mantra and feel great! I’d be on this spiritual high. Then a few weeks later I’d feel so low, have anxiety, and be riddled with mental breakdowns. Then I’d go to my favourite new age store, pick up some new items and I’m great again.

But that was all deception. I was never good. I was falling more and more in this rabit hole of trauma and torment. I wasn’t the person I used to me, and I could feel myself slowly dying.

Dying is a strong word, but I mean it literally. The new age is as dangerous as any street drug you can find. The lessons are not one of salvation, but instead they make people believe that they are God.

It’s blasphemy.

How can I, a mere human created by God, be God? God isn’t created, he just is. How can I worship the universe, forgetting that there is a creator of the universe? Do your research, nothing can be created from nothing.

You are not an “all powerful spiritual being”.

You are meant to be a child of God–as you were in the beginning. Do not be deceived by the lies of the new age. You are not speaking to “spirit guides” or manifesting your life on a “vision board”. You are dealing with demons and selling your soul for earthly desires.

So if you’re a part of the new age, then guess what?

You are dwelling in the occult.

You are not an empath. You are not an indigo child. You are not a psychic medium. You are not a shaman. You are not a spiritual guru.

You are doing the devil’s work. It’s sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.

Deuteronomy 18: 10-11

I pray that someone is convicted by this post. I am not trying to make you feel bad for your beliefs, but instead I want you to be freed. If you are reading this right now, then the Lord loves you and wants you to no longer live in bondage.

How Jesus Saved Me from The New Age

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

God is so graceful.

He put me in a place where I couldn’t be distracted, and I finally heard his voice. I knew a few months before I was saved that I was playing with fire. I noticed signs that didn’t feel right in my spirit.

God gave us all discernment–a gift for us to differential between right and wrong. I am grateful that the holy spirit was working in me even when I was lost.

In April I felt conviction. I knew that what I believed in wasn’t going to work for me anymore. I started hating my crystals, and the more I turned from the new age the more it turned on me. I noticed shadows in my perception, and was starting to see things clearly.

Some of the people in my life had a dark cast around them, and I knew that evil forces were at work.

At night I would feel restless. So restless that I couldn’t do anything else but pray.

So I did.

I asked God to help me, and I called his name. I told him that, if following Jesus was the only way I would feel better then bring Jesus to me. I asked God to introduce me to him in the most direct way possible.

The next day, my little sister got a package with two bibles in it. She walked into my room right after I was done praying and gave me one. I was shocked. I didn’t ask her for one, but somehow, she had ordered one days prior and two came in.

I asked God to introduce himself to me, and he gave me my first bible–the book of life. The book that allows one to understand Him more.

After that, I renounced the new age from my life and started my new life with Christ. I haven’t looked back, and I never intend to. Jesus freed me that day. He saw the position I was in, and even though I had turned my back on him, he showed his love.

If that isn’t the definition of love and light, then I don’t know what is. Definitely not the new age that’s for sure.

Jesus fills you with joy, one that is everlasting. The new age steals your joy, and gives you temporary satisfaction.

If you’re in the new age right now, then please open your eyes. Look at the patterns in your life. What has it truly brought you? What has it taken away from you? Why do you allow yourself to stay in something you know, deep down, is not right?

I know this is an intense piece, but I hope to touch someone with this. I hope you are set free and the veil has been lifted.

I pray for your freedom in Jesus name.

If you need any prayers or want to know more about the gospel, then please reach out at I am your sister in Christ, and we can all be children of God.

He will save you, call on His name.

He does not disappoint.

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8 replies on “Breaking Chains: Why I left the New Age Movement.

    1. In Islam, Jesus never made a sacrifice as he rose to heaven by God’s will. Did you do your research when you chose to become a Christian as you come from a family from both Christians and Muslims. Sorry if its too personal as I find it in myself as a Muslim to tell you.


      1. That’s a good question. Yes, I did my research and read the bible daily. I understand Islam and Christianity both have different beliefs about Jesus. However, in my Christian faith, I believe in God sending Jesus as a sacrificial lamb to save us from our sins. Through our faith in him, we are saved and given everlasting life. It was God’s will to have Jesus crucified, but Jesus being God in human form, complied to the will of God.


      2. If you believe God sent Prophet Muhammed, then you should look into why God sent Prophet Muhammed 😄


      3. I have, but like I said, I personally believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m not claiming that any religion is wrong, it’s just my personal preference 😊


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