Eyes closed tight,

hoping to stay unconscious

throughout the night

but you awaken me.

Too many visions of you,

my palms pressed against your jaw,

only to get a perfect view–

one without any flaws.

I loved you so much I flew

into your arms in awe

at every part of you.

It was your freckles first,

the connected presence they had

the intense burst

of energy you showed, even when sad

I don’t know what hurts worst

the fact that it’s over or the fact that I’m glad–

I always knew it wouldn’t work.

Yet I’ll stay hopeful.

I’ll cherish memories of country landscapes,

nights we danced like fools,

basement dazed out escapes,

performances that were wonderful–

my idea of love has been reshaped,

and for that I’m grateful.

Even when awakened,

I smile.

Knowing I’m awakened

by love.

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Posted by:A'Isha Adams

Mind of a frantic poet. Ambition of an entrepreneur. The heart of an old soul.

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