If I could see me

as you see me,

then doubt would 

become a myth.

Your love is undying

altering, refining 

yet I try to replace it

with the world.

Believing I can fill 

my own spirit, but 

forgetting that it’s you

who provides.

I have enough,

because of you.

I have enough,

in you.

My God is alive and always working. He calls me when I wander, and becomes my shelter. He uses me to spread his word, and he uses his word to spread me wide open until I see myself the way he sees me. He knows every part of me, from the moment I entered my mothers womb, to every strand of hair on my head. The world doesn’t define me, God does.

Through him, I am made brand new.

Photo: Pinterest

Posted by:simplyxliving

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