I reclaim my life

and what I have

been called to do.

For your grace

has awakened me

to speak boldly

about your gospel.

We bind the forces

that oppress and control,

the forces of evil

that deceive and steal,

no longer has power

for I exist in

the kingdom of God.

Your hate has

no power against me,

you are rebuked

banished to fulfill

your phrophecy

at the end of times–

gone forever.

God is working in the life of many right now. There are so many lessons that people need to wake up to. Your persecution has a purpose, one far greater than you understand. Stop letting the enemy keep you bondage. Stop killing yourself in dead end relationships, seek something ordained by God. Understand that you are not of this earth. Detach from it as much as you can.

The time will come when God will reveal his plan to you. As for now, redirect your focus on him and only seek his approval.

Prayer: Thank you God for opening my eyes to the reality of this world. Help me seek you in every aspect, and refine me the way you see through. Change this heart, and uplift this spirit. Break the binds that keep me bondage, and allow me to fulfill your purpose in full circle before the return of Jesus Christ.


Photo: Pinterest

Posted by:simplyxliving

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