By His grace

I am changed.

Once a lost

soul, now redeemed

to serve you and

spread your word.


Oh how sweet

it is to live.

To have you

bring me to life

with your breath—

an everlasting life.


I’m starting to

understand the

way you work.

I will never

fully know but

I can trust you.


Have mercy on

those who rebuke

your words. Save

them with your

grace. The same

one that saved me.


Breathe your

joy into them.

Let them feel

your love in

dark blindness to

provide comfort.



The more I stay present, the more I realize people are lost. Empty carcasses roaming in search of peace, love, or home. Doing things to fit in, hoping they find themselves in that facade. I used to envy some of them, but now I see they are as lost as everyone else. Always jumping to the next thing– always producing blindly.


Update: I got a new puppy. He’s basically my kid now LOL 🙂

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