Someone is reading this right now.

They feel lost, ashamed, broken, and filled with regret. Be sure of this: the events of the past no longer have a hold on you. You are growing and evolving everyday. Let go of those that hold the past against you, for they do not have enough empathy to even forgive themselves.

God is preparing you for something greater. Don’t give up now. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. In fact, he is the one holding you in this very moment. Accept his grace, peace, and love. He is calling you to become healed. Don’t forsake yourself. Continue to push forward. Trust that you are being prepared.

Where you are in life is only the beginning of great fulfillment. Someone is reading this right now, they’ve asked for a sign. Here it is.


If this is you, know His plans towards you are good. Trust in divine timing, trust in something greater than yourself.


Posted by:simplyxliving

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