The lack of unconditional love, 

is the cause of racism.

One where segregation

is seen as heroism.


We try to fit into

this corrupt system,

forgetting it was made

only for them.


The them that kills us

and tear us apart,

as if we don’t matter– 

as if they lack a heart. 


So we protest and sing

praying for freedom,

yet it’s always refused 

as if the fruit of eden


is stuck between our teeth.

As if we are the cause 

of the skin you love to beat,

as if you are hungry


for our dark meat.



 Yes, it’s been a while.

But I was called in other areas, to help, uplift, and strengthen the black community. This past week has been eye-opening as a black woman. One thing for sure, I learned the power of unconditional love. A love that has no pride, ego, or immaturity. One that stands strong against all battles. One that buries my feet in soil to keep me grounded. I am powerful in the Lord that strengthens me.








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