Brothers. Sisters.

Lost family members.

Blood shed. Violence

Just to be gang bangers.


What has your gang done for you?

Besides a sense of belonging.

Addiction, murder, and theft.

This is the path you are following.


A path that ends with death.

Another statistic, behind bars.

Another crackhead, addicted to meth.

Look at your life now.


This life has taken from you.

You have taken a life,

maybe even a few.

Where is your remorse?


How has violence

become normalized?

How have you lost your sense

of humanity?


Who have you become?

Another black statistic.


Where do you reside?

Behind bars.


Who were you fighting?

Your own people.


Who won?

The system.


Sometimes I find myself thinking about those that scream for equality, then kill their own because they are “blood” or “crip”. Equality starts with you. Your perceptions, intentions, and values.

Why scream equality, if you refuse to see others as equals?



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