“Move in silence and exocute relentlessly.” – Marc Ecko

You know those moments when you’re so in tuned with everything happening in your life that more opportunities start to manifest out of no where?

As a creative, this is usually an idea of a project or a vision of me in the future having accomplished all my goals. I envision my self on the balcony of an Italian villa during the evening time. The sky is coupled in colours of yellow, rustic orange, and pink. A warm breeze gently slips past my sheer curtains. The subtle chatter of townspeople can be heard from below. In my hand, a glass of red wine swirls in a crystal glass. I close my eyes, embracing the sun before it hides behind hills of tall grass. I will be flying back to my New York penthouse the next day.

Suddenly, my heart starts to race as I am filled with inspiration. I want to shout and tell everyone about the projects I’m working on! Which I have done in the past, and noticed I was never getting anything done.

Having a vision or epiphany of something you feel will change your life is always a thrill. But sometimes the best move is to keep quiet and focus on you.

Stay grounded in your process. Focus | via Pinterest

Key words, Move In Silence. What this means to me is; executing projects or ideas without letting anyone know. I let my success and end results speak for themselves.

The art of moving in silence is a thriving factor in your journey of purpose. Here are some things I learned about moving in silence.

1. NO Bad Eyes

Also known as evil eyes.

For those that don’t already know, not everyone is rooting for you.

So we have to learn to do things for ourselves first, before announcing it to the world. You never know who is waiting to know your next move, then snatch your thunder.

I learned this after I started performing spoken word. One of my friends felt as if I was betraying her by not telling her about my new work and performances. She performed spoken word as well, and we would always perform together.

At one point I realized I wanted to do things myself to find my own voice. I became focused on my passion and searched for more exposure. As more doors opened for me, the less our friendship grew. Finally, she told me I was selfish for going after things without telling people.

There is a difference between “I’m rooting for you” and “I’m rooting for you as long as you’re not doing better than me”.

Keep your mouth shut, and present when finished!


2. Element of Surprise

Shook them with your progress. | via Pinterest

The best part of moving in silence is the surprise element!

Nothing draws more attention than something unplanned and unexpected. The less people know, the better. You never want people to have an expectation of your project or idea until it’s finished.

Just imagine, people think you’re over here chilling, working, and going to school. Then BOOM, you announce your finished project and everyone is shook.

Celebrities do this all the time. Drake, for example, has dropped many mix tapes and albums without telling his fans. When he drops them, everyone goes wild and then he maintains his title as a “trending” artist.

Trust me, surprise is always the best way to introduce your projects or ideas.


3. Protect Your Energy

No one likes to be critiqued.

When you move in silence, you will only have to deal with your eternal critique. Not only will your work be unique, but you will be certain that everything you did was all you.

There are no other liabilities but yourself.

Now you can work on your project without the input of anyone else. Your work, is only yours alone. Besides, sometimes critiques can sound like hate.

No hate allowed in the creating process!

4. Less Pressure

Nothing urkes me more than feeling pressured to do something I started.

When you move in silence, you can work on your own time. No one knows you’ll be releasing a new project so there are no expectations. You are at peace in your creating process. The value of no pressure will only make your work better.

When something is fun in the making, it will be fun to look at afterwards!

You may not look like this, but you should feel like this. | via Pinterest


Our moment is coming! Let’s stay humble and keep our mouths shut. No need to talk about what we are going to do when we can SHOW what we can do. We may feel tempted to share right away, but we owe it to ourselves to perfect our work before sharing it.



Thank you for stopping by! Please like, share, and comment what you think about moving in silence!




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