Cheers to a New Year and another chance to get things right!

Alas. A new year has begun.

2018 has been a learning year emotionally, intellectually, and most important, spiritually.

As I reflect on all the events that took place last year, wholeness fills my soul. The universe has a distinct way in testing you to see how much you want something. It’s also skilled at throwing signs at you to move on from something you know you’re better off without.

Everything I learnt this year was necessary.

From heart-break to a whole new career path, these lessons aligned themselves into a sacred journey I am thrilled to partake in.

Sooooooo let’s get into it! Here is everything I learned this past year.

To cry

2018 was the year I allowed myself to cry; freely.

Tears formed in my eyes, and raced down my cheeks like the old ladies speed walking in the park up the road. I watch how their legs stride with intensity. The sound of water splashing around plastic bottles is almost as loud as their huffs. Despite all their sweat-drenched faces and gasps for air, they continue to march. They have purpose. So did my tears.

My crying was the real deal.


I even sniffled a few times, maybe a sob here and there.

Of course crying wasn’t my favourite activity during the year, but I couldn’t help notice how much better I felt afterwards.

It’s okay to cry.

Crying is a natural emotional response to certain things. It’s amazing how much I made myself disassociate with the concept of crying to the point that it felt unnatural. I didn’t see how I was prolonging my healing processes by not doing something that was human nature.

After years of suppressing my emotions, I finally realized I was taking away my right to be… human.

To Express Gratitude

I lived through 365 days of this year, and for that I am grateful.

The art of being grateful is powerful on so many levels. One, it made me feel more content about life.

Gratitude= More Gratitude

I realized that the more I showed gratitude, there was a growth in things to be more grateful about. In my Gratitude post, I showed how people are more inclined to lend you a hand when they feel appreciated.

By taking the time to let the Universe or God know that you are grateful, you will find that there will be more things for you to be grateful about.

Slow Down

I learned to trust time.

As a creative, I get inspired in the most random times and instantly act on it. Although my rash decisions created some great project, it also prolonged a few.

2018 taught me the art of taking my time. I don’t have to start something immediately, but that doesn’t mean I should push things back as far as possible.

Now that’s just procrastinating.

What taking my time meant, was that I had the ability to further plan things out in order to produce valuable work. Sure I produced less things throughout the year, but I am certain that my work had value.

Like my writing professor said;

“It’s not about creating a lot of content, it’s about creating meaningful content with great value.”- Rahul Sethi

Well, he couldn’t have said it any better.

 Difficult Choices Are Often The Best Ones

The choices we make today are often investments for the future.

Like some may know, I finally grew some gut and decided to do what makes me happy. I switched from a Criminology major to a double major in English, Professional Writing, and Communications.

Making the choice to finally chase a dream I knew I would be happy doing was difficult. Since the age of 8, I would go on and on about my goals to study criminology to become a criminal lawyer.

So when I got into the University of Toronto to study crim and found that I was not happy, I became unmotivated.

I didn’t feel excited about my future nor did I even like showing up to class. 

The choice to switch majors created a new path for me, one that I was afraid to take on. Yet, it was a path I knew I would be happy in.

When it comes to choosing between living a full-filled life or a satisfactory life, I choose ultimate fulfillment. 

Love Comes Naturally

Love is…..

Well, Love simply is.

That’s really it.

It just arrives…..naturally.

You can’t force it. It’s either there, or it’s not. Sure it can grow with time, but you’ll have to let it grow on its own time.

Love cannot be rushed.

In 2018 I went through break up. I’ll be honest. I’m the type to say “I love you too“, even though I’m not sure what those three words mean.

I used to throw around the word “I love you too” carelessly. Never questioning the effect they had on other people. By saying those words back to people, I created a false assurance that we were both on the same page; that we both connected on the same level.

I assumed that if I said “I love you too” enough times I would wake up and tadaaa, I’m actually in love.

But love doesn’t work that way.

Love is… sacred. You can’t just throw around the word carelessly and not expect the universe to one day kick you in the ass.

“Love is real,

wait for it.” – Seeker

I don’t need to count the days it takes to love someone, it’ll just happen.

No Trust, No Relationship

I think this lesson is straight forward.

If you don’t trust the person/people in your life, then why are they a part of it?

In my last relationship, trust had been broken. Building trust back once it’s been broken is difficult. But you can still try pick up the pieces that once was.

Then, trust is broken again.

“So what now?”, I asked myself a few times.

Do I stay and wait for time to heal what’s been broken?

Do I trust time again?

I learned that trust is a virtue in any relationship. You need to have trust, in order to have a healthy relationship.

I didn’t think it was fair to be with someone I didn’t trust. Not only was I taking away my opportunity to be fully content with that person, I was also taking away their chance to be with someone who would be content with them.

No trust, no relationship.

I Deserve The Love I Want

Enough said.

Trust Vibrations

I was called an empath this year by someone who probably knows me more than I know myself.

An empath is someone who, “has a paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.”.

Out of all the titles I’ve held in my eventful life, empath has been one of the most accurate ones. I cannot name the amount of times this year I asked someone ‘what wrong?’ and they instantly replied; “How did you know something was wrong?”.

Sometimes, we can feel when something is off.

We aren’t just human bodies (or star-dust), we so much more. Within us are souls that use our bodies as vessels.

In 2018, I stopped seeing people as just people, but as spiritual beings. I have created strong relationships with people I simply click with. When the vibes are good, they usually stay good.

However, I have had multiple moment where I felt off about things and something usually ended up happening.

Whether it was starting a project in the wrong time, or the feeling that a co-worker wasn’t as nice as they seemed, my intuition acted as a caution sign.

I learned there is a different between attracting negativity, and just feeling negative vibes. Sometimes when you don’t feel sure about something, it’s usually the universe saying;

Hey, maybe you should step back and think about this for a bit.


Hey, get the fuck out of there.

Regardless of whether I acted on those vibes or not, I tried to at least listen to them.

Turns out I’m more intuitive than I thought.


On December 31 2018, I learned about forgiveness.

Talk about a last-minute wake up call. Thanks Universe.

Okay back to what I was saying; I was getting ready for work while listening to a Steve Harvey segment on The Steve Harvey Show. While putting on the final touches of my work outfit, which is usually picking out a pair of earrings for the day, a sentence resonated with me.

“When you don’t forgive a person, it’s like you’re drinking the poison waiting on them to die. That’s what the lack of forgiveness is. You’re killing yourself.”

Let that sink in.

I had to let go of how people made me feel, and focus on the lessons learned instead. There was no point in holding on to things that happened in the past.

A life without forgiveness is a life I do not want to live. I don’t want to feed myself poison when I could forgive and continue life’s journey with a clear heart.

Forgiveness is the final stages before a new beginning.

Until I forgave everyone and everything, only then did I feel prepared going into the new year.

Perspective Is Everything

When someone pours you a glass of water and stops pouring just as it reaches the middle of the cup, is the glass of water half full or half empty?

Turns out, it’s always half full.

My perspective has changed on many levels.

I used to go about life on the “half empty” aspect. For example, I thought if I kept spending money, I’ll go broke. But when I changed that to, “I am grateful I am capable to make this purchase”, I noticed there was an increase in my finances.

I’m not saying I blew cash in the name of gratitude (that’s wild). What I mean is that I stopped focusing on money leaving my bank account. Instead, I focused on the fact that I would get more.

‘Perspective’ falls under the Law of Attraction.

Just like that, by focusing on growth instead of loss, I attracted more growth. This just shows how much control I have over my own life. What I think, visualize, or say can one way or another manifest into reality.

My thoughts are as powerful as my actions, if not more.

Thankfully, I am in control of them.




Thanks 2018, you were really looking out.

Now on to a new chapter!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you for stopping by! Please like, share, and comment what you learned last year xx






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  1. Happy 2019 to you. Sounds like you were lucky enough to learn a lot in 2018, may that move on into 2019 for you. My word for the year is intention. The law of attraction is what I have been putting my faith into for the last couple of years.

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