So you just got out of a relationship. You’re breaking out. Your business partner decided to walk away. Your parents don’t support your career goals. It seems like you constantly find yourself alone. Maybe you don’t like being alone, or maybe you prefer it. But the point is, you are now in a position without some sort of partnership. Great! Do your own thing.

I know some people are reading this baffled with raised eyebrows. Yes, I said do your own thing. Beeeee aloooooone. The concept of doing things on your own seems to trigger many. However, I am not surprised. We are taught at a young age to work in groups and partnerships. Somewhere in your childhood, there was a cheerful teacher that always said, “together we can do anything!”. Keyword, together. The idea of doing things alone is not promoted as much as doing things with other people. So we grow up wanting a partner to do activities with. An example of this can be Suzy. Suzy wants to go to this art gallery, but none of her friends want to go with her. Now Suzy finds herself in this predicament of either going alone, or not going at all. So she decides not to go. Sounds familiar?

Truth is, there are a lot of Suzys. You may be her. Hell, I used to be a Suzy! But one day, I found myself missing out on opportunities due to the fear of being alone. Sometimes, we have to go and get things ourselves. If people don’t support you, then look into the mirror and wink at yourself. Why? Because you got your own back. Doing your own thing is more than being alone. It’s about taking control of your life. It means getting out of bed, and doing exactly what you want because you can. Life is too valuable to miss out on experiences. Don’t put yourself in the position to wonder how something could have been, when you can just go and live it. The “what ifs”, will eat you alive. Trust me.

In terms of relationships; anyone is replaceable. If you are not happy, leave. Never be afraid of the single title. In fact, being single is key to your self-discovery process. When you are in a relationship, life becomes joint in a sense. When you’re single, you can focus solely on your own needs. Always put yourself first.

At work, do what other people aren’t willing to do. Suggest new ideas, and make your voice heard. You deserve exactly what you want. Some days you’ll stand out and the spotlight will be on you. Take those moments as opportunities to be authentic. Businesses are always looking for something different. So if you are the only person with an idea, let it be known! Do your own thing, and I guarantee you, it will take you far. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish by simply being you.

Take a moment and figure out what you love doing most. What will make YOU fulfilled in life? That dream or idea that you have right now, whatever it may be, do it. No matter how different or lonely it may be once you start, make sure to trust the process. I believe with enough passion and drive, you can make anything happen.

What are you waiting for? Go live.






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