I am going through this era of change, and it is frightening. I do not know what the future holds, but I sense only good things. Part of me is afraid about what my family will think, and the other part is saying “screw it”. I know things will end in complete bliss. The journey is what my mind lingers on.

Amazingly, through the clutter of my beautiful mind, three words always emerge. Trust the process. Maybe it’s God or my intuition but even during a mental breakdown, I hear this line. When the wind blows I hear it hum between leaves and branches. When I stare at a blank canvass, it scribbles itself across it. Life right now, is a blank canvas. A white clean slate. If you are artistic, you know the first move is the most hesitated. Then you proceed and a rush of exhilaration lifts you up of the ground, into a cloud made just for you. Nothing exists in that cloud except for you and your art.

Change is a scary thing. At the same time, it is necessary. In a uncanny way, the changes happening right now has led to profound and amazing experiences. Some more shocking than others. Maybe it’s the Mercury Retrograde thing that has everyone in a frenzy, but I am continuously baffled at myself. I am learning to embrace the change (which is surprising coming from someone that finds it difficult to let things go). I urge everyone reading this right to take a chance on that one thing you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it is starting a business, acting, or even scuba diving- what you want to do right now should not be ignored. If were going to die tomorrow, I’m sure you would drop everything and do something crazy. Well guess what? Life is short, and do what you want with it!

Change pushes you to expand your horizons and live. In order to truly live you must strive to experience life and all it’s great endeavours. Why put yourself in a position to regret not doing something when you could just do it. Accepting that something didn’t work out is better than wondering if it ever would have. Let’s be honest, feeling regretful doesn’t feel great. One moment of feeling regretful, sad, or depressed, is a moment spent without happiness. Why would you deprive yourself of happiness? Don’t you deserve to live a completely fulfilling life? The answer if you are still wondering is yes. Don’t run away from change. Sometimes that strenuous change creates an amazing breakthrough in your life.

Change can be unpredictable and awkward. I had found myself feeling out of place in places I thought I did belong. Then in my search for new places, I found belonging in a familiar cafe writing my heart out. Sometimes the best way to adapt to change is reconnecting with your passions. As people we get caught up in the different titles we are given, and rarely do these titles depict our true selves. Instead, they can allow us to loose touch with who we are. I believe this moment of loss creates change. So please, reconnect with yourself once in a while. The stuff you do now may be great, but the person you are on the inside is extraordinary. Do not loose sight of yourself.

If you are going through changes right now, just remember that you are adaptable. You are never stuck. This moment will pass, and you will be a new and improved version of yourself after it. Don’t be afraid to loose people because of it either. If you continue to live life afraid of what others think, then you will never truly live.



There will be some new content posted on my blog soon, which I am very excited about! I hope it will be as inspirational as it has been for me. I am so thankful for the growth this blog has been receiving and I can only thank you and everyone that has been stopping by.



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