What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Do you scroll through your phone? Hit the snooze button? Dash to the washroom? Or maybe you just glare at the ceiling for a couple of minutes. I do the same. But there is a crucial thing that many forget to do. From the moment we wake up, we overlook our gift of life. We forget to say “Thank you“. Gratitude is a virtue. The mere fact that you are able to read this is something to be thankful about. Who you say thank you to is up to you. Some say thank you to God, Allah, Buddha, or even the Universe. It really doesn’t matter who, as long as you wake up and you say those two magic words, you are set!

Now I know some people may be wondering why gratitude is so important. Think of it this way; when you do something for a polite person and they say thank you and express genuine gratitude, you’re more likely to want to continue to do things for them. You feel appreciated and glad you were able to help out. So imagine how powerful it is to say thank you to the universe. By taking the time to let the universe or God know that you are grateful, you will find that there will be more things for you to be grateful about. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.

I know this may be a new habit for some of you to start. So here are three powerful things you can start being grateful about!

1. The Past

For many, the past is a dreaded memory. The past can be haunting, painful, and avoidable. However, it is the most shaping. Although my past is one I am not very proud of, it is not regrettable. The hardships I experienced has moulded me into the insightful person I am now. For that, I am grateful. At the end of the day, the hard-hitting moments are the most valuable. They teach us lessons that allow us to be distinct individuals. No matter how gruelling your past was, you lived through it. You are a walking miracle. Every breath you take has character and resilience. By revisiting your past, you will be able to see your growth. Once you have seen what you can do, it will demand you to do more. Keep in mind, that there is a difference between revisiting the past and living in the past.

2. The Present

Be grateful for this moment. Sure things may not be the way you expected, but you are alive. Even if you don’t feel like it. You are breathing, living, amazing proof that life is precious. Own that. Everything you do now is a gift, and you are lucky to have stumbled upon this post today. Many did not have this chance, some have already taken their last breath. Except you. Regardless your present state, you are able to change it! You woke up this morning with another chance to chase your dream, or simply to visit an old friend. The present is principal to be grateful for as it the most current. Being grateful of today, will lift your soul and spirit which will only attract positive outcomes. To be blunt, if you express gratitude now, you will find more things to be grateful about. Simple isn’t it?

3. The Future

You have goals to accomplish in the future, so start expressing gratitude now! The things you do present-day contribute to your future. Be grateful of the amazing things you will achieve. DECLARE IT. You are capable of attaining what your heart desires, and for that you must be already grateful. The most life changing habit I undertook was being grateful for my future achievements in advance. Before starting a project, I envision success and become instantly grateful for what the future holds. By doing this, future outcomes are unfailingly great.

Being grateful comes with astonishing power. The results are abundantly shocking (in a good way), and I dare everyone to combat the ’20 Days of Gratitude Challenge’. Be that annoying person that says thank you to everyone and everything! Surprise people with gratitude when it is least expected. When in a crowded room, aspire to be the most grateful person there. Some may call your unremitting gratitude naive. Yet, when substantial opportunities manifest in your life, the same people will take on the challenge.

Day one starts now!


What are you grateful for?


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