I loose myself. Every time I talk to to him again.

I wish my heart wasn’t so attached to him.

I wish everything  I did wasn’t to get over him.

I wish I didn’t allow my self to get influenced by him.

I wish these hands didn’t want to touch his face again.

I wish these eyes didn’t long to see his face again.

I wish my soul didn’t miss him.

I wish my mind could forget about him.

I wish I could burn our memories into nothing.

I wish I could rip my heart out and replace it with one that didn’t love him.

I wish I caught myself before falling for him.

I wish I never met him.

I wish he meets someone else.

I wish he doesn’t hurt like I do.

I wish he forgets me.

I wish he experiences new things in life.

I wish he finds happiness within himself, instead of the one I gave him, then took.

I wish we both find someone one that makes us forget about us.

I wish I could have said a proper goodbye.

I wish we never said Goodbye.

I am happy, that life goes on.


I am happy, that I am strong.


I have moments that I find myself holding back tears. Then I have moments that I feel alive because I am still able to feel after being broken. I knew getting over him would be hard, but I am finally declaring a change in my life. Holding on to him feels like torture. No matter how much I try to be “friends”, I always find myself triggered.



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