So it’s that time again. You wake up, look in the mirror and spend more time than usual looking for something to wear. But nothing looks or feels right. You’re breaking out, you’ve gained weight, you look tired, and you are going through a lot right now. But do not worry, this moment will pass. What you’re feeling right now is what makes you human. Unfortunately, to be a human means you must go through some pretty messed up times.

So you aren’t digging yourself right now and that’s fine! But here are FIVE ways to leave those negative views of yourself behind and feel like a sparkly unicorn!!

1. Wake Up With Positivity


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Now this is easier said than done. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, sometimes the sound of an alarm clock can tick you off and cause you to have a mini tantrum between your sheets. As annoying as it is, we must change that! If you start your day off with negativity, you will only attract negativity (Law of Attraction!). Obviously, being negative will not help one achieve self-love. Self-love can only be achieved when your mindset is willing to think positive about any situation including yourself. So change that devilish-sleep-interupting-beeping sound of an alarm and put on a song of empowered to wake you up (aka any Beyonce song). Give yourself a treat and wake up to a song that doesn’t sound like a fire alarm. If you want, play some chill music all morning as you get ready, or have a party and listen to Beyonce!

2. Wear Your Favourite Outfit



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Okay. I know what you’re thinking.

“What does clothes have to do with self-love?!?”

Surprisingly, a good outfit can make anyone feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. Key word; CONFIDENCE. When you’re dressed in something that looks good on you, it is almost like the universe places a red carpet before every step you take because honey, you look amazing!

3. Do Something Alone


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Alright, you have your favourite outfit on, now what?

Well you go out and explore of course!! But this time go alone. Go check out an exhibition, a museum, or just sit in Starbucks with a good book . Do anything that pleases you. I like to call this, “The Tourist Card”. You basically explore as if you are a tourist visiting a country for the first time. Don’t forget to bring your camera on this refreshing adventure, some moments are meant to be captured. Being alone is a prime opportunity for self discovery. Maybe you’ll find love when you’re alone, and maybe it will be the best type of love. SELF-LOVE. Give yourself a break from people and the media, and learn to enjoy your sole company. Being a “loner”, is sometimes needed. It allows you to reconnect with the things that make you simply, you.

4. Be More Aware


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In other words, be more mindful. Being more aware of what you like, think, and want is a key way to develop self-love. The best kind of self-love too. You will find self-love in a psychological level (that’s deep). Once you know what you want, you will not focus on others perceptions of you and what they expect of you. Instead, everything you do will depend on you which results in a strong, powerful person with self-love. Not only that, but when you don’t worry about others wants and focus on you, you feel more liberated. Who doesn’t want to feel that?

5. You Already Have Self-Love.


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Yes. You already have self-love. In fact, you infiltrate the atmosphere with self-love that protrudes out of you like a shaken carbonated drink! Self-love is your natural state. When you are not thinking about all the things that cause you to think negatively about yourself, you are genuinely happy right? Believe that you have self-love , and you will have self-love. Believe you are beautiful, and you will be beautiful. I mean look at you for crying out loud!! Nobody can be who you are better than you! You do not need approval from others to love yourself, you need approval from yourself. Allow yourself to accept the self-love that already exist in you. It is never hard to find.

Love yourself, there is no such thing as being vain.



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