Coffee always taste better with a little a bit of cream.

Just like 4c hair isn’t the same as the curls on light skin,

Some think beauty looks better light skinned,

and many fears the dark skins,

I guess it’s because we can be portrayed as toxins

labelled by authorities,

reminding us that we fall into the group minorities.


we do not give anyone the authority to change our culture.

Because cultural appropriation is a form of superiority.

And cultural appreciation is a form a cultural clarity,

where you appreciate ones culture formally,

by learning it’s value and significance respectfully.

Cultural appropriation is not appreciation.

I repeat

Cultural appropriation is not appreciation.

Don’t use different cultures as costumes or decorations.

It’s not ok to like cultures as a trend, because in the end we are all one people from one



This is a short extract from a spoken word poem I wrote. The concept of cultural appropriation has been a word used in controversy for some years now. I honestly think that there is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. There is nothing wrong with adopting a cultural difference. However, it is unfortunate when the same things different cultures are made fun of, are praised when it is portrayed on a difference race. We should all embrace different cultures willingly and respectfully, not because it is relevant to that time. Spread love.

*Picture from Pinterest*


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