“Time has the ability to mend all the wounds.” -Anonymous

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. This moment has passed. And the moment you were reading that last sentence has just past. And now time has passed again. The cycle continues. Time is unending, it will always continue to move forward and so will you. Time does not go back wards just like how we don’t grow younger. Whatever situation you are in right now will surely pass because time will not allow it to last forever. We all know that nothing lasts forever, even the sun that kisses our very skin will one day burn out. And that’s okay.

I’ve been staring at this title in my drafts since christmas. I knew that one day, when my heart mends itself, I would be able to write about it truthfully. That day has come and it feels like 8am in the summer. When gentle birds chirp sweet melodies by my window alerting me that the sun has woken from the darkness, bringing light. And you smile, because you can feel that morning breeze sweep through the cracks of your window and you welcome it with open arms. The breeze strokes your hair and tickles your feet that somehow made its way out the warmth of your blankets. Then you smile again, because in that very moment, you know that the state of mind you were in before no longer exists. It’s time has passed.

The art of healing is a slow process and it only occurs when you allow it to take its course. It takes effort to be healed, it is not easy nor will it ever be, but if you truly search for it you will find it. Sometimes, it takes being broken a few more times in order to be at peace with oneself, and although it will feel like you’re falling down a spiral of despair, you eventually stop falling and hit the ground. Once you hit the ground, you may break a few bones but you will mend them and get back up. Your journey climbing back up from that fall is the healing process. Slow and painful. Oh don’t forget dreadful. You will have blisters on your hands from constantly slipping and gripping for dear life in hopes to not fall again, and sometimes you will. However, no matter how much you slip and fall you will always be able to see the way out. That is because no matter what situation you’re in, there is solution ahead.


Sure some days are better than others, but I don’t focus on the bad days anymore. I look forward for all the adventures that await ahead of time. Once you allow yourself to envision a better future, nothing can stop you from achieving it….. except yourself. Your mind can be your most powerful weapon or your worst enemy. What path will you choose? Will you allow yourself to lie on the ground, or will you pick yourself up and fight? Fight for your happiness and your future. The choice has always been in your hands, it will just take more effort achieving one over the other.

The art of healing is not only about getting cured or fixed, its about gaining and becoming more immune to something you weren’t very immune to before. You will be stronger and when you find yourself in the same turmoil you were in before, you will have a more effective way to deal with that situation. Pain is not forever, it may leave a scar, but it will not last forever. Remain positive and believe that you are stronger than any storm that comes your way. You are the storm.

So as a final note:

Stay strong. I believe in you. Anything you are dealing with right now will surely pass. And if you are looking for something to take your mind off things, here are some pictures of nature. Hopefully they bring you comfort and warmth! πŸ™‚


Pictures taken with iPhone 6s Plus.

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