It is like our final moments were…… final. The sad part about it all is that we disappeared.

We both did in the end.

Everything changes in the end.

Nothing stays the same.

But I will find you in my dreams, where our fingers intertwined like vines around an old house.

I will feel you in my veins as if it is where you belong.

Part of me, and part of you.

Both living in existence.

I wish we never met, but somehow I know we would eventually meet.

So I wish we never lived.

I wished we never lived in the same time.

That way I would be 70,

and you would be 2.

I wish I didn’t love you.

But I am happy I love you.

I am happy you love me.

I am happy you love her.

I am devastated,

you loved me.



This isn’t really a poem, or anything at all. It was just something that my hand allowed itself to write. I don’t know where it came from, maybe it was the song, or the dim lights in my room.

Or maybe it was my heart, finally taking control of my feelings.

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Posted by:A'Isha Adams

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