Dear Coloured Woman,

Just know you are not alone. Just know when you look into the mirror, I too wish to be cloned in bone slick hair and maybe a lighter skin tone. But that was a few years ago.

See, I am no longer the person I was forced to be. When I look into the mirror I see a powerful young black woman, with features that justify every characteristic of me. But I still want to apologize. Because I too have been in the bleaching cream section. I know what’s it’s like to want your nose a little bit smaller. To have lips a little less thicker. And yes, sometimes skin that was fairer so I wouldn’t always stand out in foreign countries.

Where wax, nappy headed, braided hair, twisted hair, and cultural African wear was all too different. My skin must have been too vibrant that heads turned because of it. And I hated it. But I loved it. Because my skin held power. A figure of power that shows us that freedom has never felt so sweet. As sweet as African sugar canes we love to devour.

I’m talking about how cruel the sounds of waves can be, as you drift off into unknown territories. Learning to adapt to unknown foods, unknown people, unknown tools that were forced into the palms of our hands. Whipped across our backs as a reminder that we do not belong in this land.

But we still know of a place called home, and they tried so hard to make us hate our colour, and our roots. Little did they know it made our love grow stronger.

My love for African culture will never die. And I will not allow myself to become another statistic. Being a young black female I was always stereotyped to be reminded that I was a misfit. But let me tell you just how much our culture makes us so majestic.

See, our hair is like a crown. We are all queens of our own land, so continue to keep your head up, don’t ever look down. Because Powerful women were never meant to frown. There is no need to change ourselves to be someone society sees as better. I really don’t see how my culture makes me less prettier. Women, don’t you know that black is beauty? If it wasn’t, then why would people wear the colour so frequently?

And don’t you know we are art? Because art is criticized in so many ways. Some will like you and some will not. But it doesn’t mean you have to throw your culture away. No. It’s time to change our lives, and embrace the beauty we have inside because there is nothing left for us to hide. Whether it’s African attire, or natural hair. I am an African and I wouldn’t hesitate when asked to say it again. Because I will always, and forever be proud, to be African.


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