Change for yourself, not someone. – Anonymous

A few days ago I was lost. Chasing an ascribed dream that wasn’t mine. Today, I found myself.

My name is A’Isha.

I love attention, but I respect my loneliness.

I’ve been told that I talk too much, but I also don’t speak enough.

I want to travel, and I surely will.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I love art, music, and fashion.

I am in love with all things sweet, and all things sour.

I want a quote tattooed on my rib.

I am obsessed with thrifting.

I may be a “hipster”.

I love food. All food. Except for bananas.

I enjoy walks in the forest.

I love the rain.

I love the look of rain drops on my windows.

I am in love.

I want to backpack around Europe.

I want an art studio.

I want to live in a studio with big windows. More windows than walls.

I am tired of hiding.

I love poetry.

I write poetry.

I love photography.

I love interior design.

I love coffee shops with indie rock music.

I love coffee shops with open mics.

I am the oldest of 6 kids.

I want to go to space.

I am still finding myself.

I am almost there.

My name is A’Isha.

Who are you?

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