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“My love is too…..sanctified, to have thrown back in my face.”

  For those that fell in love with the movie For Coloured Girls, you would know this line all too well. So long story short, I couldn’t sleep (since I’m an insimniac freak) one night and decided to watch this movie that seemed like another one of those African America movies that would make me sit down for an hour later to contemplate on the contrast of life and colour. Man, was I in for a ride on that one!! I am also a black girl, so watching that movie just left me in awe. I mean holy shit I was sitting at the edge of my couch the whole time!!!

It hit so much aspects and scenarios of love. All different kinds of love. The pain, the harshness, the truth, and the scars. Even the word love…..why does it have to be so….what’s the word….powerful. Why does it have the feeling of pain attached to it? Yet, sound so desirable at the same time? I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I realized that finding love, TRUE LOVE, is actually rare. Like some people actually live their whole lives with someone that isn’t the person they claim to love. They just…manage. Damn. That’s some deep thoughts right there.

Oh gosh. Am I really talking about love right now?  The one that literally believed in “cooties” until the age of 14. And why the heck am I writing this at a bus stop? I bet people here think I’m like Miss popularity, who talks to everyone and everyone wants to talk to me. They have no idea I’m being a sensitive loner right now and talking about love.

Geez. My life is more bizzare than I thought.

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5 replies on “My love is too….

  1. ”Oh gosh. Am I really talking about love right now? The one that literally believed in “cooties” until the age of 14.”
    this made me laugh so hard, and goodness gracious! haha you’re writing this at bus stop. i’ll try to add that movie on my list, and geez my life is bizarre as well, more that what bizarre is haha :–)

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