So. I guess this is it guys. My own personal blog. Well it isn’t personal if everyone can read it, but no one knows my identity so I guess this isn’t that exposing either.

What made me decide to have my own blog? I have NO idea. I guess it’s something to keep me entertained in this crazy city of Toronto. To be precised, I now live in Brampton. A quiet, culture filled, almost country-like, ask-your-nieghbor-for-a-cup-of-rice type of town. Now I don’t have any hate for this place, it’s actually really nice and peaceful. But I prefer the city. You got it, the over populated, highly polluted, crime infested, fast food restaurants on every single street kinda city. In other words NEW YORK. That’s right, I’m another personal blogger who dreams to live in the city of vast opportunities, the city that NEVER sleeps(which would definitely benefit an insomniac freak like me).

Hey, this blogging thing is actually not that bad. It feels good to write some things I never get to actually say out loud. It’s almost………what’s the word… Ah got it, “Liberating“. If I keep this up I’ll be exposing my life, and everyone else around me! Which they would never know because I would change their name for security reasons, I’m quite the genius. This is actually great for the days I want to rant about every single prospect of life. Not that I’m ungrateful for the life God gave me, infact I praise him because of it. I will mostly rant about the stupid idiots that some how creeped themselves into my already bothered life. -___-

Is it a good idea to make my first blog really long? Now that I think of it, maybe not. But this is my blog, with my own kind of style and I swore in an oath (that I already forgot all the words to since I didn’t write it down) that I would not change anything in this blog. Everything must be the truth, even if it makes me cringe or look bad, I need to start being honest with myself and the world around me. I guess I found out the true purpose of this blog. In hopes to find myself. They say everyone has a past, which is true by scientific research of course. I believe your past is what molds you to be the person you are today, so I’ll keep writing in this blog in hopes to find myself. The one who became lost in the road of “past” experiences and future thoughts. This is my blog. This is my therapy. This is the story of a 17 years old girl that is simply living. This, is me.


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3 replies on “First Post. First lesson.

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I’ve been in and out of it myself, but I’ve found blogging to be incredibly therapeutic and it allows me to get things off my chest when I really need to. I live in a town similar to where you live, and just like you, I’m a city person myself, having come from busy San Francisco. Moving to a small town in Nevada is a culture shock, but I’m adjusting to it!

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